Saturday, January 22, 2005

In an Internet Cafe in London

So, I made it through the four days of intensity. I took my GREs (did just fine), I flew to DC, I protested, and I flew to London. And now I am trying my best to stay awake until night time, and so combat my jet lag. It is the equivalent of sleeping 3 hours, from 8-11pm, on a plane, and then staying up until 8 that night. Possible, but not pleasant.

I had no time to cover what happened in DC when it happened, and I don't really want to do a mediocre job here. I will write more when I get my laptop hooked up to the internet, and I can put up pictures. In very short: It was probably the best single day of protest I have been to. I rode two critical masses, was in the middle of a very messy direct action, and best of all, saw so many friends, from Ithaca, New York, and Madison.

And now I am in London, for 3 real days. My job orientation, where I hope to begin to understand what I am going to be doing, will be on Monday. That leaves me today and tomorrow to play and explore. My hotel is smack dab in the middle of London, so it is a good base. All I can think about doing right now is getting coffee to keep me awake until 8pm. Coffee, and then perhaps the British Museum.


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