Saturday, May 27, 2006

Everything So Far

Ok, this is getting a little bit absurd. Not only have I not posted a blog for the last 2 months, I have not even made a stab at writing down what I have been doing. For the last 2 months I have been moving almost constantly, every couple of days, through Sri Lanka, up through India, back to Indonesia, up to the home village in Borneo, and now back to India. I am finally taking a few days to rest in McLeod Ganj, the home of the Dalai Lama in exile.

For posterities sake, to be elaborated on later, here is a list of what has happened: I climbed Adam’s peak, the holiest mountain in Nepal, where people of different faiths gather together to watch the sunrise. Then to the hill town of Ella, where we were stranded by Sri Lankan New Years (I have now had 5 New Years this year), and forced to spend time wandering beautiful hills, waterfalls, and tea plantations. Then a hellish 2 days on the bus to get 100 kilometers to the beautiful Singharaja Forest Reserve. Beautifully worth it once we got there. Then hitchhiked with some wealthy car-renting tourists to the coast, and to Mirrissa, the most perfect white sand beach I have been to. Blue waves, white sand, hammocks. The good life. Then we were off back to Colombo to pick up my Indian visa, and I was off to India, leaving Bruce to explore Sri Lanka for another 10 days.

Then India: I flew into Trivandrum, in Kerela, the southern tip of India, because there was no boat between countries. Kerela, complete with communist party leadership, is an amazing place. Then the train to Anjuna, Goa, where I met up with mom. Went to the crazy amazing craft market of Anjuna. Then south to the beach of Palolem, which, although it cannot compare to Sri Lanka, was lovely for mom. Then a grueling 30 hour train ride in the women’s carriage of the third class compartment to Jodhpur, in Radjastan. Camel carts, ancient forts, beautiful women in techicolor saris, all blue houses. It was out of a fairy tale. But a very hot fairy tale—the 110++ temperatures meant that we had to leave before we boiled. Then to the pit of Delhi for a day, then up to Manali. Snow-capped Himalayas, apple orchards, sledding (at the rohtang pass), going to the cottage my mom lived in 30 years ago. Then back down to Delhi to…

Caught the plane to Indonesia. Got back to Pontianak, met up with the lovely Hubung and family. Caught a grueling bus ride up to Puttussibau—22 hours on horrible roads in a shock-less bus. Then the boat to the village. We were there for the harvest festival. Seeing people who knew me when I was a little kid. The beautiful Balai Adat, or Cultural Hall, decorated for the celebrations. Pig sacrifices and lots of pork to eat. Bria in traditional dress. Attended mass three times—the bishop was also up for the celebrations. Lots of dancing and songs and rice wine. Up the river past all settlements in the Mendalam river to swim and catch and eat fish. 5 minutes fishing, 15 fish. Then back down river, a few nights in Pontianak, and the flight to Singapore, and then India.

Back in India: Mom heads back to America. I catch the overnight bus to McLeod Ganj, the Dalai Lama’s home in exile. Rest. Update blog.

So that’s it for the whilwind of it all. More detail later, I promise.


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It occurred to me, I haven't talked to Bria in months! I just graduated (yeah, baby!) and I'm heading back to our beautiful liberal bubble to work at University Hospital as a dietetic intern for a year.

Glad you're having fun :)

Love, Catherine


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